Brand Partner

Martina Umemura founded Umemura Martina Kesennuma FS Atelier Co., Ltd. in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture, to help earthquake-affected residents regain independence through knitting. She aims to spread the joy of wool-based crafts, connecting personal happiness to the broader regeneration of the Tohoku region.

Kizuna Botties

The Pattern

The motif was conceived to commemorate the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake with knitters from all over Japan contributing their original granny square and thus a tapestry made of 1000 granny squares was created and displayed at events around the country.

What is the interesting thing about this motif?
At the beginning it is crocheted round, but then it gradually becomes square.
It’s easy to crochet because you don’t have to look for the eye to put the needle into the bundle. When you knit it together, the large and small motifs support and help each other.

Sources of Supply

Tutorial, Soles and Yarn are available here:

The Designer

Miyuki san runs a knitting cafe – Knit Cafe IVY – in the cold Tohoku region of Japan, in Akita Prefecture. She opened the knit cafe in 2011 because she loved knitting with her grandmother when she was a little girl and wanted to recreate that space.

With the motto „Knitting is the way to save the world“, she continues her activities to heal and cheer up people through knitting.

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